About Summit - Taylor Hammond

Taylor Hammond

Taylor joined Nowlin & Associates in early 2013 as he finished graduate school at Samford University, earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA). He loves recreational sports such as Golf, Basketball, and Tennis. Both Taylor and his Wife, Caitlin, are members of the Church at Brook Hills. In his free time he is also the Head Coach for the Mountain Brook Vulcans travel baseball team. Taylor was a Division 1 athlete at Samford University as a member of the Baseball team. He is very competitive and continually strives to be the best he can be in both his personal and professional life.

Taylor coaches his clients by empowering them with education and knowledge for the purpose of creating a financial plan that allows them to handle the curveballs life throws at them. He specializes in working with business owners and individuals who file 1099 tax returns. In particular he helps Real Estate Agents, Medical/Software Reps, and Partners of CPA/Law Firms. When individuals have a paycheck that can fluctuate month to month, and also have to set aside taxes for themselves, it can be difficult to create a sound financial plan. That is why Taylor focus on creating a system that gives them the Safety, Flexibility, and Liquidity they need. And he achieves all this without giving up the reason you create the plan in the first place, to grow your wealth as efficiently as possible.

Another important area of working with business owners is to help them maximize the results of their hard work. Proper business planning can make all the difference for the future survival of small businesses. But most business owners are focused on the day-to-day operations of running their business, leaving little time to plan for future risks. Taylor helps plan for crucial times such as partial disability of the business owner due to accident or illness, the loss of a key employee, and ultimately the succession or sale of the business.