Kick-Start the Savings Habit

These days, we are so eager to run that we forget to walk first! We neglect saving in order to "invest," when both are necessary. Saving money provides the crucial foundation that allows us to then invest successfully.

FDIC Insurance and the Illusion of Protection

When the value of houses and stocks went into freefall in 2008, a few people began to become concerned about their bank savings. The FDIC, which insures bank accounts, was quick to give extra assurances. FDIC insurance limits on savings accounts were increased from $100k to $250k and Suze Orman was hired as a spokesperson for public service announcements. The public breathed a little easier, and banking went on as before.

The Elephant in The Room of Your Finances

Let’s talk about what everyone else doesn't want to talk about. It can be big. It can also be comforting, but boy can it be eerie. It’s been around for decades and decades and often times follows you for over 75% of your life (without you ever even catching a glimpse of it).

The Secret to Every Business Owners Success

After only 16 months of providing affordable bicycles to the community, The 2nd Mile Bike Shop (a small, local used bike shop) has not renewed their lease and has closed its doors for good. It happens all of the time.

Our Top 5 Financial Planning Questions

We address the top five questions we are asked by clients when talking through financial planning.

Finding Money Through The Infinite Banking Concept

I’m not talking about the hidden treasure behind the X that marks the spot. I’m taking about money that you are (unknowingly or unwillingly) giving away to a third party.

Safest Account for Cash: Banks or Insurance Companies?

If the economy did collapse where would you want your cash? Would you want it in a savings account with a bank or in a cash value whole life insurance policy with a mutual insurance company?