Why Infinite Banking?


It’s time for a renaissance. It’s time to be more involved in your financial future. It’s time for the Infinite Banking Concept. This concept requires time, discipline, and understanding, but the results can provide the groundwork to growing and protecting your personal wealth safely for generations to come. Follow through the process with our video series to learn more.

Introduction to IBC

In this introduction to Infinite Banking Concepts, you’ll begin to explore how IBC can provide you with the ability to take control of your financial future.

Why Life Insurance

In this video, hear how a properly structured whole life insurance policy can provide Infinite Banking clients with the advantages of using life insurance as a savings tool ensuring safety that equates to guarantees, tax advantages on saving dollars, liquidity to be able to access funds at their discretion, and a competitive return on savings dollars.

Case Study

Let’s explore the testimonies of our own advisors using IBC as well as a case study of one family who saw the impact of paying off their mortgage quicker and with less money coming out of pocket using IBC.

Why Summit

Now that you have been introduced to Infinite Banking, here is why you should choose Summit Life Financial to guide you through the IBC process to financial freedom.

Important Information

Discipline is key to practicing IBC. It can maximize your finances, giving you advantages both short term and long term. We take an old financial instrument in whole life insurance and use it in an innovative way to create a more sound financial future for you.


Video 1 : Introduction

Video 2 : Introduction to IBC

Video 3 : Why Life Insurance

Video 4 : Case Study

Video 5 : Why Summit

Video 6 : Important Information